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Electric ultrasonic scaler


Electric ultrasonic scaler dental scaler tooth remover cleaner tooth stains tartar tool with 5 replaceable brush head

Product specifications:
Rated voltage: 3.7v
Rated current: 200mA
Battery Capacity 300mAh
Product size: 183.6 * 30 * 22.3mm
Product weight: 53.6g
Charging voltage: 5v
Engine noise: 6060db



Why do you need a dental stone remover?

1. up to 12,000 vibrations per minute for outstanding tooth cleaning effect
2. effectively remove dental plaque / calculus / tartar / tobacco stains / coffee stains, etc.
3. keep your oral cavity healthy and bring fresh breath every day
4. made of medical alloy steel and food grade silicone for safe use
5. less money and time expenses compared to brushing teeth in dental clinics
6. waterproof ipx6 makes washing convenient


Packing list

1 * Rechargeable dental stone remover
3 * replaceable clean heads / 5 * replaceable clean heads (deluxe edition type)
1 * Mouth mirror
1 * Charging cable
1 * User Manual


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