This Kids Pedal Powered Forklift Actually Lets You Pick Stuff Up

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Made to work just like any other toy car that is able to move around via pedaling, the pedal powered toy forklift not only lets your kids move around, but it actually has a functioning forklift that will let them pick stuff up, move it around, and set it back down.

To use the toy forklift, just pedal back or forward to make the forklift go forward or reverse. To pick stuff up, just move the forks under something you want to pick up, then rotate the lifter to lift up the forks. Just wind the forks back down by rotating the lifter the opposite way, and back up the pedal forklift to move onto your next move.

The pedal powered toy forklift is red and black in color, weighs 49 lbs, and when fully assembled measures 51 inches tall x 41.3 inches long x 22 inches wide.


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